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Artificial Scarcity

All the commodities catering to our basic needs are being hijacked and submitted to processes that produce artificial scarcity. These processes have been developed and refined over many decades – even centuries – through many, many organizations and agencies, most often under the guise of alleviating the very problems that are being engineered. Specialization, hierarchization and legislation have all been used in conjunction, in order to centralize control of production – allowing for the centralized control of prices and markets.

The governments of the world and the people at large need to make sure these life fundamentals are made available and preferably free for everyone. If we allow banks and fiat currency speculators and other fancy economic entities to continue their parasitic usurpation and control of these aspects of human life we are all going to loose. If we continue to allow ever greater centralization of control over all aspects of our existence, then we invite corruption further into our societies. The results follow the same pattern from country to country, and our mainstream media steadfastly refuse to connect all the dots for us.

It is happening here, in this society, in our lives as well, and unless we change our ways of thinking and behaving it is going to continue happening to us. We need to take back our “common wealth”. We do this by looking for the answers within ourselves. There – if we are humans – we will find an unshakable belief in humanity. We humans must either stand together or hang separate. The road ahead looks long to all of us, but that doesn’t matter. It leads home.

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